We cannot sponsor new full-time research assistants at the moment. However, there are opportunities for local students and students of certain universities with a partnership with The University of Tokyo (see below for details).

University of Tokyo graduate students:

If you are a Master or PhD student of the FoPM program of the University of Tokyo and are interested in conducting research in our lab, Dr. Cai can be a co-supervisor. We especially welcome students who are interested in (but not limited to) computational psychiatry. There is an exciting opportunity to work in between deep learning and computational psychiatry.

If you are in other programs and would like to collaborate with our lab, please feel free to reach out to me too to discuss about possibilities.

Undergraduate student:

We welcome students at various stages in The University of Tokyo or the surrounding area to join research on a part-time basis. You are welcome to even take this as an opportunity to practice English and learn some neuroscience and machine learning.

Visiting students

There are funded opportunities for graduate students from Tsinghua University and Princeton University to visit and conduct research at IRCN and/or Cai Lab. Please contact Dr. Cai for details.

If you are from other institutes and have external funding to support your visit to the lab or want to seek collaboration or co-mentorship or a summer internship, please feel free to contact Dr. Cai and explain your research interest. Please note that we are more interested in human intelligence than simulating neuronal models or merely seeking applications of machine learning tools or data mining.

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